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Permanent Base Adjustment

PBA-FINAL FB 416 7-21-2020

What is a Permanent Base Adjustment?

  • City cannot spend more per year than the base amount (with adjustments) that was created by the State in 1979.
  • Voters decide if the City should adjust its base limit.
  • 79 out of 91 Cities and Towns in Arizona have already addressed the issue (87%).
  • Cities and Towns can issue debt to circumvent restrictions (not always fiscally responsible).
  • It is not a tax increase or decrease.

Permanent Base Adjustment and Local Control

  • Voters decide if the funding of City services and programs is determined by Kingman or by the State of Arizona (local control).
  • If voters allow the City to adjust its permanent base limit, decisions are made at a local level.
    • Transparent budget process
    • Community involvement
    • Local elections
  • Kingman has an expenditure limitation regardless of the outcome of the election.
    • Budget restrictions still exist
    • We are accountable to our residents

Upgraded Parks!

Major Changes in the Past 40 Years

  • The City of Kingman was incorporated in 1952
    • 68th anniversary this year
  • Significant growth in the community
    • Growth is outpacing the base formula
  • Increased level of seasonal residents and visitors


1980: 9,257

1980: 9,257

2018: 30,314

2018: 30,314

Many New City Services and Facilities

  • Expanded Parks from 7 to 15 for community use
  • Greatly increased the number of recreation programs offered
  • Upgraded Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course to 18-hole Championship Course
  • Landscaping, sidewalks and walking pathways
  • KART
  • Streets
  • Improved drainage
  • Improved utilities

1980: 7 Public Parks

Today: 15 Public Parks

City Services

The City of Kingman provides many local services

Police Fire
Streets Code Enforcement
Courts Water
Special Events Sewer
Recreation Programs Sanitation
Parks and Trails Transit
Airport Animal Control

And much, much more…

Ballot Language – Proposition 416

Pursuant to the Arizona Constitution, the City of Kingman seeks voter approval to permanently adjust the base limit of the City as determined by the Economic Estimates Commission. The City seeks an adjustment of $5,000,000.

A “Yes” vote on the permanent base adjustment election authorizes the City of Kingman to permanently adjust its base limit to continue to provide services and projects at the levels determined by the City of Kingman and its residents.

A “No” vote will keep the City of Kingman’s expenditure “base” at the 1979-80 level. Since the City of Kingman currently operates under the Home Rule Option, as approved by the voters in November 2018, the Home Rule Option would remain in effect until 2022. At that time, another alternative would need to be approved by the voters; otherwise, the City of Kingman would be subject to the state-imposed spending limit. This would result in cuts to existing city services, such as police, fire, streets, parks, recreation activities, water, sewer, sanitation, and capital projects.

City Staff

1980: 139 Employees

1980: 139 Employees

Today: 386 Employees

Today: 386 Employees

Police Force

36,000  Annual Calls69 Employees79 Fleet


36,000+ Annual Calls
69 Employees
79 Fleet
17,000  Annual Calls36 Employees31 Fleet


17,000+ Annual Calls
36 Employees
31 Fleet

Election Details

The Permanent Base Adjustment Election is on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

  • A “YES” vote allows the City to permanently adjust its base limit.
  • A “No” vote will keep the City of Kingman’s expenditure “base” at the 1979-80 level and does not allow the City to adjust its base limit.
  • If Home Base fails to pass in 2022 the City will revert to 1979-1980 budget (without adjustments for population and inflation) and services will decrease to that level.

Fire Department


800+ Annual Calls
43 Employees & Volunteers
8 Fleet


8,000+ Annual Calls
52 Employees
23 Fleet


A YES Vote for Permanent Base Adjustment is supported by:

Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
Business & Government Committee

  Tom Price Law Office of Tom Price
  Bill Barnes RE/MAX Prestige Properties
  Laurie Voss-Barthlow Chicago Title Company

Local Businesses

  Lori Chambers RE/MAX Prestige Properties
  Jonny Meins RE/MAX Prestige Properties
  Deana Nelson State Farm Insurance

Ready to Vote!

The City of Kingman is fiscally conservative.

The City of Kingman has changed significantly since 1979. 

Voters decide the future of our City.

Local control.

It is not a tax increase or decrease.

Don’t go back to 1979-80 budget

Take Local Control into the Future!


Permanent Base Adjustment Election

August 04, 2020

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